Using decision trees to solve problems

One step on from a mind map is a decision tree. They've actually been around quite a bit longer and many people think they're just the same as a mind map, but actually, they're quite different. The point about decision trees is that they have a time axis, rather than just being part of a picture, which is what a mind map is. They are a sequence of possible events, like the unfolding of a chess game. If we do this, then three things might happen.

If the first one of those happens, then we could do either A or B. And if we choose A, then several things might then happen. So it all multiplies out as a big tree. So the first thing you do is you draw out the tree. At each stage, all the things that might happen, and then all the things that you could do for each of those, and then all the things that might then happen. It alternates between you and the world.


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