How to save our planet from our hands?

We as humans have not been living in balance with nature. This has cost nature a lot. Our mindlessness has impacted the lives of the eagles, sea-shells and everything in between them. Worldwide, the population of wildlife has decreased by 60% in 20 years. Each species that lives in the world has fought its way through evolution for millions of years to survive and the most dangerous enemy that they need to face is ignorance.


 The only way nature survives is trough biodiversity. This biodiversity is made by ecosystems that are being destroyed one by one by us. Let nature rebalance its ecosystems to increase biodiversity.


1) Investing in education and women's rights:

Helps eradicate poverty and bring the peak of humanity sooner.

2) Make sure everything we do, we can do forever:

This way we will bring harmony to nature again.

3) Stop using fossil fuels, and bringing out renewables to our lives:

This slows global warming and the acidification of the oceans. It also gives clean air to all of us.

4) A food revolution:

This consists of efficient food production and reduction of our consumption of meat. This not only spares the ground we occupy, but it also reduces deforestation and replenishes freshwater. All of these will ultimately result in fresher, healthier and more affordable food.

5) Managing the oceans:

A global network of no fish zones and a treaty on the use of national waters will restore the health of the oceans which results in more seafood for all.

6) Rewild the planet:

We need to give room to nature where ever we can to restore our balance with the wild.

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