To know Vibration We Should Know its components:
ENERGY: everything is energy in the non physical world. E=mc² says the same. Any physical matter at speed of light turns into energy and that's it. We all are energies .energy just have the different forms of it. Every matter is made of energy. In ancient Hindu mythology, it is described by word 'shakti' means energy. There are two aspects Shiva and Shakti.How Universe Works

FREQUENCY: when u take a look at your own thoughts, each of them has a different frequency. If you want something u will create some vibrational frequency on you mind. Every emotion in your mind returns after some time. That is ur emotional FREQUENCY. you may have heard of alpha, beta, theta, delta state of mind. These are all frequencies. In each frequency, our mind works in different ways. So that's it the universe is just responding to the vibrational frequency of our mind.

VIBRATIONS: every one of us has our own vibrations. When we are emotional about something (happy or sad or angry) we are creating our own vibrational attitude. That will decide our future in the physical world. ( Actually, it is gravity that holds the time and bends it in the loop. So we experience past, present, and future as different aspects, but they are not in actual. All is happening in simultaneously )


This is what the Hermetic says about vibration and is the Third Hermetic Principal.
Nothing rests. Everything is moving. Everything vibrates. At the most fundamental level, the universe and everything which comprises it is pure vibratory energy manifesting itself in different ways. The universe has no ‘solidity’ as such. The matter is merely energy in a state of vibration. Everything is constantly in motion at all times. The only difference is the speed of the vibrations.

Atoms makeup everything and are made of protons which have a positive charge, electrons which have a negative charge, and neutrons which are neutral. These particles move in the same way a solar system moves. Atoms are miniature solar systems. As above, so below. Protons, electrons, and neutrons are made of up photons or light particles. Everything is made up of light. Light particles and empty space is our reality.

I’m a quantum physics fan and quantum physics has the observer effect. They have proved that consciousness makes a difference on this plane of reality. When you look at something and give it your conscious attention it acts differently than it does when you are not observing it. When scientists tried to measure photons, they figured out they could be a particle, wave or both. Depending on the observer. The experiments were called the double slit experiment or wave function collapse experiment. It is often referred to as the Quantum Zeno Effect. Scientists have even split a particle in half and separated them by miles. What ever they did to one, the other one reacted instantaneously, faster than the speed of light. The speed of light is slow in quantum physics. I believe it was Nicolas Gisin who performed this experiment. This is why twins can know what is happening to the other sibling when something good or bad happens to the other. There are all sorts of stories about twins being thousands of miles apart yet know something has happened to the other. The egg split, but they still are from the same egg.

Synthesis is two energy forms coming together to create a third and separate energy. We see this in our reality with Male and Female forms coming together to create a separate child. Female energy comes together with Males energy and makes a complete individual third energy that is unique of the other two energies. As humans we have consciousness. We have vibrating energies. When you meet other people, your vibration mixes with the other person's vibration and creates a third vibration while you are close together. Every time you meet someone you entangle your vibrations and particles with them. This is how some people can get ‘feelings’ of other people. When they meet someone they know instantly exactly how that person is or they know if they will be compatible with them. Witches and Wizards can do this without actually meeting someone in person. Everyone’s thoughts carry their same vibration, so Witches and Wizards can feel the vibration through email, letter, text or any other thing that express someone's energy.

The creating of the third energy between two people can sometimes be awesome. When a couple says they are nothing without the other, they are referring to that third energy. When two actors work perfectly together or two athletes work great together, but have nowhere near the excellence when the go off on their own, that is the third energy created by the two. Examples are Laurel and Hardy, Abbot and Costello, Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen, Catherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy, Karl Malone and John Stockton and many more. It’s not that they are bad when apart, it’s just that the energy they create together is pure excellence.

As your Magic gets stronger, you will find people want to be near you or around you. You start vibrating higher and your energy feels good to them. I get looks all the time as someone knows me. I even have people coming up to me asking if they know me from somewhere. I have had people I don’t know tell me, “there is just something about you”. Just like I am warning you, I was warned about this. You will get attention, some unwanted. Ladies don’t let this freak you out. Men are little boys in the mind, especially muggles. They are just like a little boy on the playground who has a crush on a little girl and does not know how to express himself. Women, on the other hand, have a more mature mind and will be discreet, mostly. They are feeling the higher vibration and are naturally attracted to it. They want what they don’t know how to get.

When you mix with the other person's field, it creates third energy that is still higher than their own, depending on how high you are vibrating. Once this connection is severed, the third energy disappears, but they take some of your energy and you take some of theirs. Some of these people are energy vampires. Have you ever been around someone and just felt exhausted after they left? This can be a nuisance if it is someone you see daily. You are vibrating higher than them and they are sucking your high energy and give you some of their low energy. Your thoughts and your body are what create your field. Magic will make your mind and body strong, so the vampires can not suck your energy field away. Most vampires don’t know what they are doing, they just know they feel great around you. The exercise of ‘rejecting’ and ‘accepting’ thoughts is the beginning of strengthening your field. You will literally start accepting and rejecting energies.  You must start taking care of your body too. The body and mind are connected. If one is sick the other is sick. Healthy body-healthy mind, healthy mind-healthy body. I’m not talking about going out and becoming Mr. or Ms. Universe. I'm talking about taking care of yourself with healthy food and exercise. Today's food lacks nutrition, we are literally starving ourselves of nutrition. I think this is why we have an epidemic of obesity. We keep eating food with no nutrition and we are starving, so we keep eating because our bodies are begging for nutrition. They make tons of money and we get fat and sick. Start living a healthy lifestyle with fresh fruits and vegetables. I recommend organic and non-GMO.

What can we do until we become strong enough to fend off the lower energy fields? Grounding purifies your energy. Earths energy is higher than yours. Let your energy flow into the earth and hers flow into you. The earth will purify that energy like rain from the sky filled with pollutants. What flows back into you is purified energy. Other people will tell you to meditate. I personally don’t meditate, but if it works for you, by all means, do it. Spend time by yourself and do the things you love. I love reading and writing. Just doing this activity replenish my energy. Introverts know the power of alone time. You will find the stronger you get, the faster your energy will come back.

I personally love Crystals. Using Crystals will help replenish your energy. Crystals are charged by you. You and your thoughts program or charge your crystals. They will start vibrating at your frequency, so when you lose some of your energy they will help replenish you. You can recharge your crystals by setting them on the earth too, but you can also recharge them in the sun. Recharging them this way is still using your mind. Nature is the living subconscious, but that is for another post. The ancients love crystals because they knew the power of them. Quartz is very stable and that is why they us it in technology. We are bioelectrical beings and they work great with us. I personally use Lemurian Crystals and Amethyst, but use what feels right to you. I see crystals like musical instruments. Most will tell you that to many Crystals are bad. I disagree, the more the merrier. Each stone will play its own tune. If you have quite a few of them, you have an orchestra. If one feels right, good. If twenty feel right then do it. Use whatever stones sing to you.

Eventually, as you become a stronger Witch or Wizard, you will not pick up the energy of someone vibrating lower than you. The most closed-minded and programmed will be repelled by you. Open minded, like-minded and the curious will be attracted by you. Some of you will start seeing the auras of others, some will start seeing facial expressions for a split second that might scare you and some will see both. I see both. Auras will be different colors that surround a person and will change depending on their energy. Facial expressions are harder to see because they are only for a split second. I wasn’t ready for it when it happened to me. It can be scary. It’s like you remove the mask the person is wearing for just a split second. Most will have a zombie look or a mind programmed stare, but others will be a look of being frightened, a hateful expression, a look of severe disgust, a look of jealousy or a look of being lost. These looks are what the person is deep down, the mask was removed for a split second. Whatever you do, don’t try to help the person. They are not ready to be unplugged. You are just starting to vibrate higher and see the unseen. A person is only ready when they approach you and ask for your help. Keep accepting and rejecting your thoughts, ground with the earth, work on not being polarized and fall in love with wisdom. For those who are curious, this website is full of information perfect for knocking the walls down. People today don’t have a lot of time, so I try to summarize the info I have discovered. You will find that once you get curious, you will want to dig deeper.  You can’t go much deeper than my website.



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