As a young kid I spent most of my spare time watching documentaries about wildlife, science and manufacturing. As I was growing up I started getting more into these subjects. I learned about the mechanisms behind the nature and started finding patterns. These patterns started to give my life a direction.

Me and my cousin wanted to make money online, so we decided to work together and build an online store. We called this store Electronin because we both felt it was a cool name.

Early in our tracks, me and arvin realized that our store is contributing to global waste, so we started to think about ways to make a change. We wanted to do less harm and more good, so we decided to turn Electronin into a purposeful brand. 

As entrepreneurs we wanted to help the world but there was no one cause to devote our brand's purpose to, so we made a symbol with diffrent colour variations, enabling our customers to choose their product's purpose.

After a comprehensive research process we concluded that our world is in desperate need of 5 main remedies: reforestation, clean water, education, wildlife protection and waste management. We decided to donate 50% of the brand profits to help the world and keep the rest to be sustainable and profitable.

Our 5 projects aim to irradiate most real problems of our globe and are funded whenever you shop from our brand, so help us spread the message and support us in any way that is possible for you.

This is not just a shop, it's a community, it's a way to make a difference and its made with care for you and your environment.

Hope for a future in which we all could watch documentaries that tell the story of our great change.

Love and peace,
Parsa Montazer
Director at Electronin

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