Carl is a representation of us:

Us as Humans,

We are the only generation of humans that has the power to make anything possible by our ability to talk, understand and make tools. We are at a point in which we have perfected the use of these three after millions of years of evolution.

The problem is that to get to this point, we have overwhelmed mother nature by hurting her balances. Now is the time to use our abilities for something beyond our species, we are on top of the hierarchy so we need to act like a god for our ecosystem before our weight crushes everything we have around us.

Us as Animals,

We are living on this planet with one mission, to survive. Million years of evolution is what gives us meaning, 99% of all the species that once were living on the planet have died and any animal still alive today is a survivor because they adapted to their situation. Each survivor can teach us lessons for our survival. We are now the kings of this planet so we got to learn how to act like lions of our jungle.

BUT instead of acting like a king we have made a monster for ALL life as we know. Climate change is detrimental to us as animals. Because of the fast changes, 99% of us can not cope and will die. We have already had five mass extinction events and we as animals take millions of years to recover from these events. So to make this right we have got to remove our impact from nature and mother nature will help everything else recover and stop this disaster. We have done enough leaching to get to the top of the food chain and now we only need to be sustainable beings to live with each other instead of living off of each other.

Us as Greens,

The energy that we as animals have in our body all came either directly or indirectly through greens to us, the oxygen that we breath is coming from the same source. Greens are the only source we have to help balance LIFE. If they are helping us, they ARE us. So we got to help them help us in our combat with climate change and let the trees bloom again instead of cutting them down.

Us as a thing that has Senses,

Everything living on this planet has senses and has a way to use that sense to navigate and survive through nature. We all have the ability to detect energy using these senses and manipulate it for better or worse. This is why we have power over our lives. We all need to give out positive vibes to each other and grow together. This is now much easier using technology. You can use our platform to keep your economic contribution to the world positive by giving your money not only for goods but also for solving a problem and letting our world grow.

And ultimately us as Energy,

Everything is energy. We can see a black hole 50 million light-years away. We can also see a nanoparticle and everything between these particles using the same type of energy. Let's sense the energy and use the power that we have to make changes that matter in our environment.

We are all the same yet we have so many differentiations to make up for each other's flaws.

Animals can not talk or show their suffering. We have made communication so advanced that we can feel empathy through a screen. To make a change we just need to move our fingers intelligently and act as a master for our peers. Help the ones who still can not do that, help the ones who are never gonna be able to convey their feelings and let them grow and survive as well.